Hi, I'm Chokun

I'm a self-taught fullstack engineer from Thailand🇹🇭. I'm currently pursuing infrastructure planing and network engineering, to create powerful, secure, reliable infrastructure

What I Do

I'm passionate about everything in technology, since engineering is not only in software, my field expand beyond that, from mechanical, network, software, etc, I love finding out new things, knowledge exists all around us, I'm all about finding these knowledge, learn from other's mistake and improve on it, it's what give me the power to get up every morning


I use a variety of tools to help my day-to-day work, Below is a list of technologies I've had experience with in the past, or use currently.

  • Projects

    I enjoy creating projects and sharing it on GitHub, so I can share what I know and learn from others, here are some of my projects

    Yanavut Rojanapron

    Full Stack Engineer • 2024